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Joluv Arts Entertainment, on Tuesday 18th February (Independence Day), successfully presented in a grand style, the debut international album of the country’s singing sensation, Jali Madi Kanuteh, at Pencha Mii Hall in Paradise Suits Hotel.

The launching of the highly anticipated album was unarguably seen as a clear manifestation of Gambian’s love and appreciation to what belongs to them as the spacey Pencha Mii was full to capacity.

Speaking shortly before the commencement of the gala, Jali Alagie Mbaye, who spoke on behalf of Jali Madi’s joyous family, gave a brief account of Jali Madi’s profile and family background, saying his parents were seasoned griots known in not only The Gambia but the sub-region as a whole. He thanked Joluv Arts and the fans for making Jali Madi who he is while wishing him all the best in his musical endeavors.

Nearly all the big name artists, including Gee, T-Smallz, Manding Morry, Jalex, Singateh, Cyco, Jizzle, Big Faa, Sura Suso, Shirrifo Kanuteh, amongst others, performed to show love and support to their friend and colleague in the music business.


One thing is sure, Jali Madi has a very good relationship with majority of the Gambian Artist. This was made evident by the way artist after artist, spoke at length about the sterling qualities of Jali Madi as a friend and a musician. They wished him all the best of luck and attested that this is a step in the right direction.

Jali Madi Kanuteh, in an interview with the Press, described the show in his own words as a‘nice and successful one’, thanking the fans for their huge turnout. He expressed delight to the producer of the album, Joluv Arts Entertainment, the artists, fans, and commended the media houses for their coverage. He said: “The fans have anticipated for this album for a long time now and I just manifested to them why it took me so long. It is of a high standard and now ready for consumption.

The CEO and Executive Producer of the ‘Gambia’ album, Mr. Saul Sowe, described the event as a great success and a marking of record. He thanked the president of the republic, H.E Sheikh Prof. Alh. Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh and his entire government for his kind gesture, the sponsors for their support, the print and electronic media houses for covering the event and tireless fans and all those who contributed in one way or the other towards the making of the event. The Executive Producer, who also doubles as the president of the association of producers and promoters in The Gambia, while affirming Joluv Arts’ stands in spotlighting Gambian talents, said the success manifested that Gambians love Jali Madi and appreciates the good work he is doing. Mr Sowe further explained why Joluv Arts signed Jali Madi  describing him as a hardworking artist who is capable of representing the Gambia in the international arena.  

“To the fans and the general public, we say thank you for making this memorable event a success. In no small measure, your collective supportalready musters a creamof commitment in us as we fasten our belts for more national developments through music, arts and culture,” concludes Mr. Saul Sowe.

Even though it was on a weekday, the event was well attended which goes to show that Gambians are beginning to appreciate our own.
































Contributed by Saikou Suwareh Jabai, GT Reporter in The Gambia


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