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Dear Some Guys(You can see that I don't want to Generalise),

If I was supposed to find the "Love of my life" on Facebook, I would have found it ages ago. I am very beautiful.. Yes I know so please just drop it in the comment sections (I love compliments), I do a lot a of great things and a lot of girls should be doing like me(I haven't even started and Marsha'Allah) but then I also post almost all the things I do on here and you leaving that too in the comments will help you reach out to a lot of girls(Inspire them).

All I am saying is that please chill with the inboxes and messenger calls.
This is not me being big headed (I know that's what you will be saying ) but it's not cool at all to try to force someone into talking on the phone with you especially if you have absolutely NOTHING to talk about. The best you will get from me is a "Thank you" and a thank you in the comments is definitely not different from a thank you in my inbox or on the messenger call.


A lady you are forcing to delete her messenger app when she also needs it badly for "Personal" interactions."


Editor's note: This is getting out of hand and it's not bundukh patas at all. We just talked about this on our sentiments show 2 weeks ago and so many Gambian women called on to share their stories of how they are constantly bullied by men. It's uncivilized, it's ungentleman, it's immature, it's childish teh du fem. You can't force someone to talk to you like Juka said especially if you have nothing to talk about. As you can see, she is almost being forced to delete her messenger just like some of the stories we heard and she needs it for personal use. Chem lakat. Gambian men kai,

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