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If you have talent or you want to see talents, read this good news

gtalents profileWe are glad to announce that the Gambian Talents website is finally up and running. visit where you can listen to Gambian music 24/7 through our online radio, buy albums, singles and DVDs of Gambian artists, watch videos, participate in our blog and more.

Gambian Talents Gambian Talents Promotion where talents meet creativity is here to tap, nurture and promote various talents from The Gambia. Since our inception in 2006, we have produced and distributed several Gambian Movies and Music Albums of various Gambian Artists through our website By partnering with several Gambian organizations, individuals and companies, we created the opportunity for several Gambian Musicians to travel abroad notably to the US, UK and Scandinavia. In 2008, we organized the first Gambian Talents Award in which we recognized and honored talented Gambians in 18 different Categories including music, sports, literally art, fine art, radio and TV personnel just to name a few. Recently, we organized the Gambian song of the year award amongst other things. We have created a one stop shop on our website where you can listen to Gambian music, exclusive interviews, worldwide entertainment news and other programs 24/7 through our radio. You can also buy Gambian music, movies, art work and other Gambian products. Visit or call 404-593-6215 for details. Bundukh patas beh teh

Gambian Talents Radio Live 24/7

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