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16806919The lead vocalist of the Slam band Tata Dinding Jobarteh is currently in a critical condition at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul. According to a story posted on facebook by DJ Kepz of Vibes FM, both legs of the "Gambia am neng TV" and "Bitilo" hit maker are swollen and he is going through serious leg pain preventing him from performing with the band. Tata dinding who is currently walking with a cane has handed over the Slam band to his brother Pa Bobo Jorbateh. According to Gam vibes, he is asking for prayers from his fans and love ones.


TataDindinJobartehAccording to a Daily Observer story of March 2nd 2012, Oko Drammeh described Tata Din ding as "the Jimi Hendrix of the kora."


Ebraima "Tata Dindin" Jobarteh the oldest son of kora jeli (musician) Malamini Jobarteh, was born in Brikama, the Gambia in 1965. Tata started when he was 6 years old under the guidance of his father. With Alhaji Bai Konte and his two sons Dembo and Bakaba living next store, Tata grew up in a rich setting. Here he learned the traditional Manding history and music as well as the skills needed to build his own kora.


Tata continued to study with Alhaji Bai Konte until his untimely death. Apart from learning the older traditional repertoire, Tata was also interested in the modern Yenyengo school of kora music and continued his studies with Jaliba Kouyate, an innovator of this popular musical style.

Whereas the older jeli such as Amadu Bansang Jobarteh concentrate entirely on upholding the traditional repertoire and singing songs of history and praise, the young musicians of the Yenyengo school play contemporary pieces with new arrangements based off the old classic compositions.


1623711 819141088102270 1864112463 nIn The Gambia, Tata is known for his electric band "Salam." An 8 piece troop which not only includes a 23 string amplified kora, but also incorporates bass guitar, electric guitar, western style drum set, along side the traditional Mandinka drums and balaphone. This is party music, intended for dancing and celebration!

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Tata Din Ding has released solo albums and also featured in several compilations in The Gambia and abroad. He has also toured with several renowned international promoters and worked with international producers as well mostly in Europe and other African countries.


Now that Tata Dinding is in a critical condition, do you think his brother Pa Bobo Jobarteh will be able to maintain his legacy? Share your thoughts.



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