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Yesterday, one of the busiest roads in the country Sayerr Jobe Avenue was changed to Yankuba Colley Street with lots of controversies around it.

Coming from the capital city of Banjul, Sayerr Jobe Avenue begins at  Westfield Junction and continues towards the Serekunda market and up towards Bambo and the old Tipper Garage. At the Serekunda Market, it intersects with Mosque Road which is the citadel of business in the Greater Banjul area.

According to the UK based Gambian actor Mr. Ebrima Jawo, “Sayerr jobe and his sister Adam jobe originally came from kayor /Gajor and settled in that village later known as Serekunda. They both played important roles in our community and expanded the area. The reason why we have many women/girls called Adam is from Adam jobe sister of Sayerr.”

The name change is embraced and hailed by some and perceived by others as a discredit to Sayerr Jobe’s legacy. What is your take on the name change?

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