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Like the rest of if the Muslims around the world, The gambians in Seattle under the leadership of the Islamic Center of Puget Sound after hearing reports of the moon being sighted in California on Thursday night successfully celebrated the 2015 Eid at a Grand Salat held at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, 410 4th Ave N, Edmonds Washington.

It was attended by a large number of Gambians and other Muslims in the Seattle -Tacoma area.

Just like everywhere else, both men and women were nicely dressed mostly in traditional African outfits ready to attend the prayers.

The first salat was led by Imam Juhaidy from Pakistan followed by a second salat which was led by Imam Abdoulie Bah, Imam of Nema Nasiru in The Gambia who is currently visiting the US..

After the prayers, ICOPS announced that they have collected $4838.40 in Zakatul-Fitr funds also known as "Muudam Korr" in wollof.

According to Mr Babucarr Jallow, the Chairman of Religious affairs in ICOPS who is also the President of the Northwest Gambian Association, they applied a reasonable formula based on who needs it the most and distributed amongst the names provided to them for consideration.

According to Mr. Jallow, "the good news is that there is still a little over $1,000 left to be distributed again based on the individuals who needed it most. Please privately encourage those individuals to submit their names at the ICOPS Masjid donation box, rest assured the individual's privacy will be maintained to the highest level. Meanwhile it is important to stress that the Masjid does not desire to use these funds in anyhow as is prohibited by Islam. Please pass the word around so we can get these funds to those individuals ASAP. On that note, ICOPS Board and Executives would like to take this opportunity to thank the Community at large for their wholehearted continous support to the Masjid, as we strive to have a permanent place. " Concluded Mr. Jallow.

It could be recalled that last week thursday, Gambian Talent's Pa ousman Joof and Modou Musa Ceesay did an episode in their weekly series "Keparr gi". In this episode, the duo emphasized the need for Gambians in the diaspora to give out their Zakatul-Fitr in the city they live instead of sending it back home. Click this link to watch the episode

Folks in Seattle have manifested that they understand this principle of giving "Muudam Korr" to their community organization to distribute amongst their neighbors in need as Prescribed by Islam.

There is no doubt that Gambians in other parts of the world have equally done the same thing.
Nonetheless, a good number of us still send our Zakatul-Fitr to the Gambia while neglecting to give it out where we live.

If you are one of those folks, find out from your Imam whether it is ok to send your Muudam Korr back home or give it out where you live.

Congrats to ICOPS once again.  Courtesy of ICOPS.


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