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Speaking to Fatou Samba, Gheran Senghore said “In The Gambia, when business owners die, their businesses die too but my family is trying to keep my dad’s legacy and thus we’re maintaining Jerome’s Laundry”.

In this edition of Lumfi Deff show, Fatou Samba brings you an exclusive interview with Mr. Gheran Senghore, grandson of Mr George Senghore, one of the biggest traders that The Gambia will ever produce. Gheran is the son of F U Fredrick Allen, former Judge, Auctioneer and proprietor of Jerome’s Laundry and Dry cleaning, the first laundry and dry cleaning business in The Gambia established in 1964. 

When asked where he grew up, Mr. Senghore said “I was in Nigeria for 8 to 9 years and as a result I even forgot how to speak wollof when I came back.”

Gheran attended Gambia High School and proceeded to the London School of Journalism where he got his Master’s in Journalism and a second Master’s in Business Administration specialized in H.R. He is currently working on his PHD in Education. Mr. Senghore also did some other courses with the BBC on journalism and broadcasting, worked at Dutch Avella radio in Germany and also reported for WTO in Kenya etc.

Gheran, who started his career as a journalist later switched and ventured into business. When asked by Fatou Samba why he quit journalism, Mr. Senghore said, “ I DIDN’T QUIT JOURNALISM. It’s in my blood. I’m a better journalist than a business man. I write better, I speak better. I’m more articulate in journalism than in business or as a lecturer but journalism is not very profitable in The Gambia and I’m a family man, so I went for what will take my family forward.

Gheran started his journalism career at The Gambia Onwards newspaper which was owned by his dad’s brother Rudolph Steven Allen. He worked at Radio Syd, Radio One FM and attributed a lot of his success to the help driven from his mentors especially  Mr. George Christianson, founder of Radio One FM. “He brought me up from scratch. George aught me all that I know. Man dama hawona dehtom teh dehtom bangfa beh teye. George gave me a book and every week, I used to read a paragraph to him on the mic.” This helped Gheran’s speaking and reading skills a lot.

According to Gheran, he was one of the first people that opened Citizen FM Radio. “Myself and my friend the late Omar Barrow (R.I.P) were the first people to have gone live on Citizen FM with Baboucarr Gaye”. Gheran also worked at the Daily Observer Newspaper “when it was observer. I worked under the late A A Njie,  D A Jawo and Sheriff Bojang Sr. At the   Independent Newspaper, I worked with the likes of  Baba Galleh Jallow and Yorrow Jallow whilst  at point newspaper, I worked with the late Daida Hydara (RIP)”. All these great men played a major role in helping Gheran to become what he is today.

When asked who inspired him when he was a child, Mr. Senghore said “I called D A Jawo my dad. He played a big role in my career. D A Jawo was my role model, my mentor and my hero while I was growing up. I learned a lot from him but the most he instilled in me is humility”.

Gheran Senghore gave up journalism in pursuit of a more profitable career. Thus, he got into education. He currently lectures several courses at the University of The Gambia such as Small Business Administration, Project Management, HR and more. Responding to questions about the University of The Gambia, Mr, Senghore describes it as the University of all Gambians. . “I don’t agree that the University belongs to Yaya Jammeh. It’s the University of all Gambians.”  He went further to talk about their areas of success and achievements at UTG as well as their challenges and constraints.

When asked what he did for Gambia, Gheran Senghore said “A lot. My company fixed  the most modern and user friendly  Time Attendance System in The Gambia for Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation. We created a Work Flow Management System for Junkun Jammeh Hospital and First National Bank. We created a D R system for G T Bank and we also bring the latest gadgets such as energy conserving computers and more in to The Gambia. Machines that consume less electricity than your torchlight would. Concluded Gheran..

Gheran’s personal assistance who is his former student, described him as a man of principles who loves education and will do everything possible to encourage and support anyone interested to learn.

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