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There is no doubt that Jaliba Kuyateh is a very talented and gifted musician who is loved by most. Until recently, Jaliba was the only Gambian musician whose music was usually requested and played at Gambian events around the world and the people continue to dance or get up to dance without anyone begging or pleading with them to support our own.  To the best of our knowledge, he is the most consistent and famous Gambian musician whose career lasted for over 20 years and he is still hanging in there. Therefore, we believe that he deserves the crown for Gambia’s standard. However, the big question that is always lingering in our minds is; why can’t Jaliba Kuyateh for once try to brand himself and start to do things professionally like his colleagues (All veteran musicians from around the world). He has everything it takes to be the Youssou Ndour of The Gambia, The Bob Marley of The Gambia, The Michael Jackson of The Gambia, The Saikouba Bambino of The Gambia etc. We strongly believe that Jaliba has the same if not more talents than some of the world renowned musicians. But why can’t he reach their level? In our observation, we believe it has to do with his lack of a structure, ethics and discipline which leads to his unprofessionalism. Instead of branding himself as a seasoned musician to meet international standards, he is still bent on being a traditional praise singer creating songs of praises to people who give him few hundreds or thousands of dollars or whatever currency. For example, earlier this year, Jaliba Kuyateh released 2 albums at the same time as noised by his fans.   Congratulation to Jaliba Kuyateh and the Kumareh Band. The reality is that, over 90% of the songs in these 2 albums are songs of praises and barely carry any other message.

Jaliba could have been more commercial and make way more money than he is making through praise singing if he sets standards for himself. Wait a minute. Is it that he doesn’t know how to go about it?  Watch out for part 2 shortly.


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