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“I owe my entire success to the late Saihou Jones. I got my smartness from the catholic community. They taught me about life. Uncle Paul Njie of 15 Clarkson, Harriet loite Evans, R K O Joiner, Uncle Bamba Loite, Uncle M.A R Njie, DR. Ndow, Uncle Pa Dacosta. These are the elders that showed me the way.”

Badara Y Jallow is an athletic, a soccer player and a veteran educationist who has traveled to the four corners of the world repping Gambia. As an educationist, he traveled to the furthest and remotest village in The Gambia while he was a teacher. He was named Badara Y Jallow at birth but his nick name Daasi overshadowed his name at birth. He retired at the age of 55 and has worked with so many organizations, departments and institutions. He is a philanthropist and volunteered a lot of time serving his country. According to Ndye Jallow, a long time co-worker, Badara is a seasoned educationist who knows how to nurture kids. “He is very patient, jovial and has a great sense of humor.” Echoed Ndye .

For the newest edition of the Lumfi Deff show, Fatou Samba brings us an exclusive interview with Badara Y Jallow a.k.a Daasi, the current principal of Daddy Jobe Senior Secondary School who has served in various positions in the Gambia’s education system before retiring.
Find below excerpts from Fatou Samba’s interview with Mr. Jallow.

“My mom is from Mbirkilan Senegal. I’m a mixture of Senegal, Guinea and Gambia but I consider myself a Gambian because this is where I was born.
My father was forcefully recruited into the military without his consent. He recruited Mr. Mass Njie father of  Ndow Njie into the military.
I never had the interest of being a teacher. I wanted to be a sea man but God ordained for me to be a teacher. Because I had a common wealth scholarship, I was forced to study education but I would have been better off doing economics.
Nobody ever wanted to attend Sir Dawda Primary School until I reshuffled it putting all the good teachers in great 1, 3 and 5 and that’s when we started having passes.
I wanted to be in the classroom but I was forcefully moved to education department to be an officer.


Alhagie Ebou Mbye Husband of Mrs fatou Mbye current deputy speaker of the National Assembly thought me about educational unionism.

I have been to the remotest villages in the country. If you love your country, anywhere you are taken to work, you will go there.

Myself, Aki Bayo , Dr Marena and others are the reason why the first registrar of the University to be a Gambian. They brought us a Nigerian and I challenge them to verify his papers. The vise chancellor was a Nigerian and he reported me to my minister and I was taken away from the University board.

I retired at the age of 55.Once you retire, empower the young ones to lead and you follow and you should continue to do well in anything you do.


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