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One Ndey Mata Sankareh, a Gambian entrepreneur who deals in hair dressing, tailoring and selling tube (tie & dye), has appealed to the government of The Gambia and the president in particular to help her in resurrecting her D1,300,000 worth initiative that is on the verge of destruction.

Ndey organized a month-long trade fair at the Buffer Zone, Tallinding, from the 7th June to the 14th July. The market, she said, seeks to create a platform for sellers in the Gambia and 95 others from the sub-region to promote and sell their products in the wake of the Koriteh celebrations. According to Ndey, she obtained all the legal documents and certifications from the right authorities. Since she started the trade, Ndey said some Gambian, about four of them, connived with a Malian to destroy her trade fair. She said these men requested to collaborate with her to organize the trade fair and she refused. Because of this, they decided to work towards the downfall of her business initiative. Ndey Sankareh who saved up for seven years just to invest in this project said she was disappointed with her fellow Gambians who undermined her efforts leading to the failure of her project. According to Ndey, only few of the 95 business men and women she was expecting did not show up because their mines have been polluted leading to a total failure of the fair.

A visit to the trade fair shown that only few stalls are operating and a large portion of them are empty. Business is not going normal and sellers who spoke to this reporter at the scene said they have not been getting sales for their products.

The desperate 27 year old Tallinding based entrepreneur sadly narrated the trials and tribulations she endured in getting all these money which she has been working for in the past seven years and finally called on the government, under the leadership of President Jammeh, to support in reimbursing her with money to stand back on her feet as her D1,300,000 spending has grumbled into ashes due to the atrocities of some fellow Gambians who without any genuine reason, decided to spoil her trade fair. She appealed to the president to grant her audience as she wishes to discuss some important issues with him.

Ndey Mata Sankara can be contacted on 3820096, 9820096, 7820096, 6820096 or via her email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

By Saikou Suwareh Jabai
Gambian Talents Business column

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