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MA SHA ALLAH! TEN YEAR OLD FASTED THE WHOLE MONTH OF RAMADAN. “God made it easy for me. I was not hungry but I was very thirsty”. Marie Kah

Her name is Marie Kah and she is ten years old, soon to be eleven. She attends Stenwood elementary, in fourth grade and will be in  5th grade by the end of summer of 2015.

Marie is the daughter of Mrs Kumba Daffeh Kah, owner and proprietor of Tresor-The- Closet and Beyond.

Unlike most of her age mates who only manage to fast a few full days or some half days in the month of Ramadan, Marie fasted the whole month without hesitation and she is very proud of herself and her parents.

Gambian Pride Blog met up with Marie for an interview about her fasting experience and this is what she has to say.

GPB: Welcome to the Gambian Pride Blog
Marie: Thank you

GPB:  We learned that you fasted the whole month of Ramadan without leaving a single day or fasting half days like your peers. What was your motivation and secret?

Marie:  I did fast. As you know, fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, which each and every Muslim that can, has to do so. It is a requirement, and it really felt good that I am trying to secure a spot in heaven.

GPB: What role did your parents play in the process?
Marie: My parents supported me through every decision I made through out Ramadan, which made me want to strive harder.

GPB: Did you have any challenges?
Marie:God made it easy for me. I was not hungry but I was very thirsty. Also being in a household where having a relationship with Allah (Swt) is a priority, also helped.

GPB: What advice do you have for your peers who think they can't do it?
Marie: You can do anything you put your mind to. Let me tell you a little story: when I went to New York, my cousin was not fasting. So when he saw me fasting, he started fasting as well. This just goes to show, we can do anything we put our minds to. Also having good and inspiring people to look up to, is very important to our success.

GPB: What advice do you have for the parents?
Marie: All I can say to the parents; to keep motivating your child/children, and if you do, they will succeed in everything they put their minds to. Also to remember, our parents are our greatest role models. nd lastly, I want to thank you for the interview

GPB: Marie is really a force to reckon with. She has said it outright. Her secret is being around exemplary adults (her parents) who practice and motivate their kids to do right and forbade what is bad.

Parents should be role models to their kids. We should teach them the difference between right and wrong through our words and actions. It looks like that’s exactly what the Kahs are doing.

A 10 year old fasting the whole Holy month, Ma sha Allah!

Marie Kah likes to read, write and engage with peers during her leisure. Gambian Talents Promotion is proud of Marie for all her activities and achievements. As a result, we have created the platform for her on the G T Radio to share her stories, interact with her peers, talk about their interest and the things that affect them.

 Staring Saturday August 15th and every Saturday, Marie Kah will be hosting a 30 minute radio show "VOICE OF THE KIDS" on the G T Radio at 6pm Gambian time, 7pm UK time and 2pm New York time.  This is a program that kids can call in to have fun, interact and discuss their issues. A real family time for kids to learn and sing along, a moment to share their thoughts and talk to their parents. Tune in for your kids and hang out with them for 30 minutes every Saturday.

Tune in by visiting or on your mobile device by downloading the G T Radio android app from google play… or via Tunein at or right here through facebook…/app_402411266453495 and share your thoughts or by calling
USA- (605)-562-4286
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Remember it's a live show and you can participate by calling (712) 775-7085 and enter the access code 559541 to participate or via skype gambiantalentsradio and share your thoughts.

Join us in welcoming Marie on board our team.






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