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Tukulorr Sey"I KNOW politics is hard. I KNOW politics can bring division. I KNOW politics can divide families. I KNOW politics can strain friendships. BUT WHAT I WAS TOO NAIVE TO UNDERSTAND, is that since ALL OF US put our differences aside and fought side-by-side and removed a dictator, we would trust each other and everything will be hunky dory. Hah! What a dreamer am I?? We achieved democracy. Those who couldn't go home for decades have been greeted to a hero's welcome. Democracy has awarded many the chance to visit graves of dead relatives and brought them closure.

The Diaspora had said these parties would never come together but AFTER MUCH WRANGLING, they heeded our advice and came together. During the impasse, EVERY SINGLE POLITICAL LEADER was celebrated as a hero but today, we are much more divided than before. Although none of us want Yaya back, I AM HEARTBROKEN I have lost many friends, lost many relationships not through Yaya's tyranny, but because of a game called POLITICS. TO THE POLITICIANS, THEY HAVE THEIR FAMILIES AND FENCES THAT CAN BE MENDED IF WE CHOOSE POLITICAL MATURITY.

Tukulorr Sey 1While we are busy being at each others' throats, THE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS DO NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICS! They just want to prepare proper burials, they want to find the unmarked graves of their loved ones. They want answers. They want justice, and they feel free to mourn the dead. They can now cry in public without fear of persecution. THEY CAN HOLD 1 YEAR CHARITY GATHERINGS because of the freedom they've achieved -- and people will show up because they are not afraid anymore. TO THE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS, THEY HAVE LOST FAMILY MEMBERS THEY WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN.

I am worried about the people we have become. I have almost lost hope. I am ashamed of who we have become. When you look at the two groups mentioned above, the VICTIMS & SURVIVORS have lost much more yet they have remained steadfast. Why can't we just get along!"

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