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Goddayyum! Have you seen any of the Youtube videos by Blingy Baby aka The Gambian Stunner?  Okay, if you have and don’t think he’s wasting his time being a rapper; then you gotta have your head checked. Seriously!

 As I switched from one video to another on his Youtube channel (none of which I could complete due to the immaturity and phony-ness of the raps), I couldn’t help but feel a certain sense of pity towards him especially after he bragged about being in the game for 14 years. I thought 14 years? Goddamn. That’s an awful length of time to be in any profession and still come off as amateurish as that.

​All I’m saying is that 14 years is good enough time to perfect any craft. All that accumulated writing and recording experience should’ve been manifest into proper works of art to say the least; and honestly I don’t mean to sound harsh but Blingy is one of the worst rappers in his position ever to come out of the Smiling Coast.

I even felt he was sullying the credibility of a lot of good rappers I have heard representing the 220. His bars and rhymes are so weak and commonplace that nothing really stands out except his fresh gear. I’d give him credit for his “fresh” wardrobe plus I think his chosen name “Blingy - The Gambian Stunner” definitely works well with his image. ​

I think he’s trying to sort of weave his way back into the industry as an artist but I’m afraid that the bar has been raised far above his reach talent-wise.

​You know back in the 90’s era, as part of the “Maslaabi” quartet, “wackness” was highly evident yet excusable, given the state of the music industry then. But in 2015 and beyond, I think I speak for most Gambian music fans when I say we expect better.

If you think I'm just plain hating. Please check out the entire video cache via this link and be the judge.


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