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Over the years, we've heard several attempts made by Gambians to get the Senegalese born American Singer Akon to come to Gambia but to no avail.

Towards the end of last year, his "Lightning Africa project" brought a lot of buzz when he traveled around Africa. Gambians had high hopes that he was going to come to we baga yard waye sufa Akon nyoweh rek, yow mii yafa nyew. Unfortunately, dehga rek leng si am. Mu rumba nyu nii and went to our neighbors.

By the look of thinks though, Akon seems to like Gambians. Over the years, we have posted several pictures of him hanging out or interacting with Gambians around the world and often allow them to take pictures with him. He is always excited to know that they are from Gambia. Of course, he definitely knows about Gambia. The million dollar question is "why has Akon not been to Gambia since he rose to stardom over 10 years ago beh teye tegut tankam Gambia.

In this picture Akon took a selfee with Mr. Ibraheem Ceesay founder of the African Artists Peace Initiative and the Manding morry Foundation. Ibraheem and Akon were in France together earlier in the week.

To all the Gambians reading this, can you take it upon yourself to ask Akon why he has not come to Gambia all these years?

Is our country too small or too poor for him?

Is his refusal to come to The Gambia politically motivated?

Can someone help us?

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