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18051536 10208806196061989 148474742 nChum y. The beautiful Mamalinguere Sarr is in the building sending greetings from America. Mama namut dara deh.In case you don't know, MamaLinguere is one of the most admired Gambian women on social media. She is very beautiful, she writes and speaks good English and a few local languages. She is one of the few Gambian iron ladies who fought tooth and nail to end the dictatorship of former President Yaya Jammeh


She was in Gambia a couple of months ago and now she is in Kanaland.Whether she is in the land of the braoves for business or pleasure, we don't know.


4 hours ago, Mama wrote on her Facebook "Assalamou alaikum......." with this picture and another one that reads "Welcome to Maryland." Whatever the purpose of her visit is, we hope she finds time to get to Georgia and make peace with her long time friend Fatu Camera.


Where are the elders in America, dokh len dokh gi. If Mamalinguere gets to Georgia at all without making peace with the Fatu Network boss, then moye lolu. The duo used to be cool men. Back in the days, they posted pictures of them hanging out and rocking and rolling in London where Mama used to live. Sekhon neng teranga bu neka. Now that Fatu lives in the US and Mama is here visiting, it only makes sense for them to reconcile suko defeh Fatu feye ko boram.




18009888 10208806195981987 309070128 n Whatever the case us, we are happy for Mama coming to the U.S. Is she only gona stop in Maryland or will she be touring America.If she didn't go anywhere, she may go to Seattle to spend sometime with her new boss at Gainako radio Demba Baldeh


Gambian Talents/Celeb Avenue is monitoring the situation and will keep you posted. Ndokaleko Mama. Dala lak jaama.

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