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In this edition of the Gambian Talents hot couple, we are glad to introduce you to Mr. Kemo Cham, a seasoned Gambian journalist currently residing in Freetown Sierra Leone. Mr. Cham recently got married to his Sierra Leonean sweetheart whom he dated for 3 years. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Cham. Enjoy.

GTHC: Can you tell us who Mr. and Mrs. Cham are.

THE CHAMS: “I am Kemo Cham, a Gambian currently residing in Freetown-Sierra Leone. I am happy to be married to my Seirra Leonian wife Sia Favour Gbewah. My dad hails from the small village of Sotokoi in Niamina East District, Upper River Region. And my mum is from Kudang, in the same district. I am a journalist by profession and currently serving as the Sierra Leone correspondent for the Nation Media Group of Kenya. While in The Gambia, I worked for the Daily Observer newspaper between 2007 and 2008 and served as Editor-in-chief until 2009 when I left the country for Senegal, Mali and finally Sierra Leone where I now live. I met my wife here in Freetown and we have been dating since 2011 when I first arrived after about 19 years since the last time I was in Sierra Leone.

GTHC: When, where and how did the union take place?

THE CHAMS: We did our traditional marriage on 24 May and registry on 27th of the same month. My word is that life has a lot of surprises. If someone had told me some 10 years ago that I`d be settling down with a Sierra Leonean lady, I wouldn’t take you serious. That`s because coming to Sierra Leone wasn`t an option. But this is actually one of the manifestations of the world as a global village. So, never say never.

GTHC: What are you both up to?

THE CHAMS: We are trying to fit into a new life. As a journalist, I am looking forward to progressing my trade both academically and practically. She is a student of hospitality and is looking forward to completing her studies.

GTHC: Once again, congratulation. We wish you a happy marriage and thanks for sharing your story with us.
THE CHAMS: You’re welcome.

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